Pluristem Technologies wants to be your next Pharma stock

Continuing my series of reader/subscriber suggested emails, I bring you Pluristem Technologies (PSTI). I’m not sure that the guy who emailed me this one doesn’t work for the company or the IR firm.  The email came right around the time that PSTI issued a flurry of press releases (Early July).  I deliberately waited over a month just to see “where - Continue Reading »

Aquagold International, Inc. – A Chinese Cash Machine?

I enjoy getting emails from my subscribers.  They are interesting.  Sometimes they are positive (thanking me for a trade alert or one of my blog’s), some negative (There might be children reading this so I can’t share details – it is amazing how mean people can be in anonymity of email) and others want me to comment on a certain - Continue Reading »

DARA – Hot in BioSci

DARA is a company that came up on one of my screens that I think bears looking at.  It is a typical BioSci company in the sense that they have no revenues and plently of expenses.  What is noteworthy about the company is the good news that seems to be cascading around it:  promising drug tests, new alliances and drugs - Continue Reading »

Genworth Financial – Ready for the next dip?

I spend a lot of time looking at stock screens on the hunt for stocks to bring to my readers attention.  I came across Genworth Financial (GNW), a company that I know very well and like.  Both my wife and I have some very affordable term life insurance through them.  I get my bill every year and am happy to - Continue Reading »

Modern Day Tea Party

  Great Video! Video by Thomas Payne A small way to make yourself heard to the government. - Continue Reading »

LBAS Inks $1.2 Million Deal

Location Based Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: LBAS) hit the newswire today with an announcement that holds the potential to drive profitable revenue growth for the company going forward by unlocking a massive application market outside the traditional realm of its PocketFinder® offering. LBAS recently inked a $1.2M professional service contract with, LLC – a leading technology solution provider to the - Continue Reading »

Thomas Jefferson: Advice for Government

200 years ago, and this guy had it figured out.  These quotes are just a few of Thomas Jefferson’s and sure hit home today. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as - Continue Reading »

The Vehicle of the Future Available Today

““Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and considered an ideal energy carrier” — Virginia Commonwealth University July 25, 2006 Sure, 5 or 10 years from now, next-generation automotive engines will transform high gas prices, carbon emissions, and reliance on foreign oil into a laughable piece of the past. We won’t have to worry about dying from automotive - Continue Reading »

Raser Technologies Geothermal Energy Featured on Fortune

Fortune’s Series entitled “The Business of Green” featured Raser Technologies’ Chairman, Kraig Higginson, to discuss geothermal’s rise in the energy sector.  The Fortune news piece, which can be found here… (choose the video clip on the right entitled “Geothermal goes full steam ahead”) is not only excellent exposure for Raser but a very informative look at Geothermal energy as a whole. While - Continue Reading »

PENC on the Move

Pinnacle Energy (OTCBB: PENC) is reacting as expected. Coming off lower support, the stock is up nearly 10% in just a few days. As stated Tuesday evening, look for “A break of that level (currently $1.20), look for $1.25 followed by $1.30 and new all-time highs.” Triangle patterns are some if the most reliable (head and shoulders are the most - Continue Reading »