Top OTC Stock; Blockbuster Continues to Climb

Shares of Blockbuster Inc. (PINK: BLOAQ) are soaring in today’s trading. The penny stock reached a high of $0.16 in early trading, and at last check, it was up 10.92% to $0.157, with volume at 2.63 million. The stock has a 52-week range off $0.04-$0.83. In the last three trading sessions, the penny stock is up 49.52%. - Continue Reading »

Bullish Take – Netlist Poised to Recover following Second Major Customer Win in 2010

Netlist Inc. (Nasdaq: NLST) shares have fallen 56% since the beginning of 2010 as the company fought through patent disputes, faced supply shortages and longer-than-expected testing times with its potential customers. Besides those challenges, NLST continued reporting heavy losses from operations, despite growing revenue. The company recovered 15% since the November 17 low of $2.14 and currently trades in the - Continue Reading »

HOT Biotech Alert – FDA Panel Approval sends Orexigen Therapeutics Shares Soaring

Shares of Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: OREX ) started their mad increase last night in afterhours trading, increased 155% to $12.42 after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration panel recommended for approval the company’s weight loss drug Contrave, making it the first in a group of competitors to get a positive recommendation from experts over the last decade. The agency - Continue Reading »

Top Finance Stock – The Bank of Ireland recovers on IMF/EU Bailout Package for Ireland

The Governor and Company of The Bank of Ireland (NYSE: IRE) recovered 50% since November 26 low of $1.44, and trades in the range of $2.16 announcement that the IMF and European Union have put in place an €85 billion ($113 billion) bailout package for debt-laden Ireland aimed at stabilizing the Euro and helping Ireland cover heavy bank debts. The - Continue Reading »

Top Gold Stock Alert – Record Gold Prices Boost Record Valuation for Agnico-Eagle Mines

Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited (NYSE: AEM) is up 54% since beginning of August, rising on the back of high gold prices and expanded production, which allowed the company to report record net income for the last quarter. The uncertain economic environment has spurted the investment demand for gold, pushing prices at the record levels in November and December. Gold’s skyrocketing price - Continue Reading »

Top Finance Stock – Huntington Bancshares Soars on Growing Optimism about Economic Recovery

Huntington Bancshares Inc. (Nasdaq: HBAN) rose 12.6% this week driven mainly by solid pending sales of previously owned houses in the U.S. as well as robust retail sales that topped estimates in November. Since April 2010 high of $7.13, HBAN has plunged on a descending track and now is in the position to challenge this status. The company currently trades - Continue Reading »

Top Financial Stock – Citigroup Ready to Surge, Driven by Faster Economic Recovery

Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) is slowly recovering from a 27% slide during April and May of this year, and as of December 1 trades up 17% at $4.30 compared to May 20 low of $3.67.  Last year, Citigroup was regarded as among the most vulnerable big banks. However, the company turned to profitability this year and with expanded assets base - Continue Reading »

Biotech Hot Stock Alert – ACTC Doubles on FDA’s Consent to Human Study of Stem Cells

Advanced Cell Technology Inc. (OTC BB: ACTC) stock more than doubled over the last trading week on the announcement that it received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to commence clinical trials on humans for stem cell treatment for a progressive blindness syndrome affecting young people. This is only the second study cleared by the FDA to - Continue Reading »

Level 3 Bunged the Sliding Track amid Comcast Abuse Allegation and CDN Pricing Battle

Level 3 Communications Inc.’s (NASDAQ: LVLT) first half of November surge was curbed by speculations that a new pricing battle among content delivery network (CDN) providers could start, following its deal with Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX). As a result, LVLT is 14% down since November 15 high and currently trades in the range of $1. Moreover, LVLT’s valuation was recently threatened - Continue Reading »

Top Silver Stock Alert – Record Silver prices Give Boost to Silver Wheaton

The escalating gold and silver prices have sent Silver Wheaton Corp. (NYSE: SLW) soaring during the course of 2010.  The company increased 123% this year, consistently hitting new all-time highs and currently trading in the range of $35 per share. The uncertain economic environment has spurted the investment demand for silver pushing silver prices near 30-year highs in November.  Silver - Continue Reading »