MicroStockProfit is an experienced team of day traders, long term traders, analysts and writers that, as a team, offer our subscribers insightful and pertinent commentary on topics ranging from particular company developments and sell opportunities to global markets and economical issues. Most popular for our Trade Alerts, the “MSP” team has a track record of helping investors and traders build experience and profit from ours.

MSP is a premiere source of otherwise hard to find market information on dynamic and innovative emerging growth micro-cap companies that we believe have excellent future appreciation potential.

Investing in micro-cap stocks, or “penny-stocks” is a high-risk, high-reward proposition. The majority of companies that fall into this category are unstable and their stocks will almost certainly be highly volatile. For those of you who trade these high-risk investments, you are undoubtedly not averse to the volatile swings in stock prices and sometimes illiquid markets that penny-stocks offer. You are also likely looking for dramatically higher returns for your portfolio than 10% either.

Ultimately, stock performance should be a direct result of the company’s business and financial performance. So our methodology is to provide insight into the business and financial progress of the companies that we follow – the good, the bad and the ugly.

After all, many penny stocks turn the corner and evolve into compelling business successes, and in turn reward shareholders handsomely. Many of these smaller companies are simply overlooked by larger Wall Street Firms. MicroStockProfit has recognized the enormous growth potential in identifying such companies and our aim is to seek them out and report them.