Amwest Imaging Inc. (AMWI) Shares Drop as ex-Writers’ Group Investor Names AMWI Insiders New Defendants to Lawsuit
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    Penny Stock on Watch: Amwest Imaging Inc. (AMWI)

    Penny Stock on Watch:  Amwest Imaging Inc. (AMWI)

    Shares of Amwest Imaging Inc. (OTCBB: AMWI ) rose 38% to $0.40 in Tuesday’s trade, extending yesterday’s gains when it jumped over 16%. Nearly 37 million shares traded hands today, versus the 30-day average of 11.31 million.  The shares have traded in a range between $0.03 to $2.05 in the last 52 weeks.

    Amwest Imaging is a technology company, whose primary business is providing relationship-building tools and processes that help any business cultivate profitable relationships with customers, all through Web-based solutions.  Its current portfolio consists of My Restaurant Web. (, with additional Web sites in beta testing for launch early next year.

    Investors boosted shares of AMWI yesterday after the company said it has received notoriety and critical acclaim for as one of L.A.’s top 20 ranked Web designers.  The ranking was done by, an online marketplace for services, with over 150,000 customers.

    “Notoriety such as this is the justification that is on the most direct path to target significant market share of current competitors such as (an Intuit company) and a few selected others in a virtually monopolistic sector,” the company said in a statement. is an integrated suite of Web-enabled solutions that allow restaurants to market to and serve their customers better than ever. These Web based solutions were created by the company specifically for restaurant owners in need of a Web site and related online marketing tools.

    AMWI last week announced that sales from its recently acquired Instant Web Technologies (IWTI) and businesses spiked over 500% for the six month period ending June 30, 2011, compared with the prior-year period. attributed its growth to the virtually monopolistic marketplace that is nearly dominated by Open Table, and its 20,000 restaurants and 250 million users,” said AMWI CEO Jason Gerteisen.

    Shares of AMWI have gained 122.5% in the last five days.

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