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    Penny Stock Nyxio climbs on Tablet Device

    Penny Stock Nyxio climbs on Tablet Device

    Shares of Nyxio Tech. Corp. (PINK: NYXO), a provider of cutting-edge products to the consumer electronics industry, are continuing to climb in today’s trading.

    At last check, the penny stock was trading 3.06% higher at $0.977, with volume up from daily average of 557,701 to 1.33 million. The penny stock gained 20.62% in the last three trading sessions.

    Nyxio shares have been gaining momentum after the company last week announced the launch of its latest product line, OMEGA tablets. The company’s OMEGA tablets are compatible with all forms of media, gaming and social networking. Girogio Johnson, founder and CEO of Nyxio, described the new OMEGA tablets as compact, stylish and professional and said that their versatility makes them the optimal choice for a variety of users. Johnson added that the tablet’s progressive features make them stand out from other brands on the market. The pricing for Nyxio’s OMEGA starts at $699.

    The tablet PC market is currently dominated by Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPad. A number of other major technology companies launched their own versions of tablet as demand for tablet PCs continues to rise. It will be interesting to see of Nyxio’s OMEGA can create a niche for itself in the competitive tablet PC market.

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