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    Nyxio launches New Line of Tablet Personal Computers

    Nyxio launches New Line of Tablet Personal Computers

    Nyxio® Technologies Corp. (PINK: NYXO), a provider of cutting-edge consumer electronics, today announced the launch of its latest line of tablet personal computers, the OMEGA tablets.

    The OMEGA tablets are fully functioning, sleek and compact Windows 7 operating system tablet PCs compatible with all forms of media, gaming and social networking.

    Girogio Johnosn, founder and CEO of Nyxio, said that the new Nyxio OMEGA PCs are compact, stylish and professional and their versatility makes them the optimal choice for a number of users. Johnson added that the tablet’s progressive features make them stand out from other brands currently available on the market.

    The OMEGA tablet line includes the Classic, Premier and Ultimate. All three tablets feature the Windows 7 operating system. The tablet line is available online on the company’s Web site. The price for the new line of tablets starts at $699.

    Following the launch of OMEGA tablets, Nyxio shares are soaring in today’s trading. At last check, the penny stock was trading 14.51% higher at $0.79, with volume at 1.003 million

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