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    Penny Stock in News; HDS International

    Penny Stock in News; HDS International

    Shares of HDS International Corp. (PINK: HDSI) are soaring in today’s trading, gaining 15.23% at $0.174, with volume at 2.27 million. Despite today’s gains, the stock is down 1.97% in the last three trading sessions.

    In the last one month, the penny stock gained 148.75%. Year-to-date, the stock gained 117.5%.

    Earlier this week, HDS International, which provides industrial ocean-base biomass production and other high-value eco-sustainability solutions, announced that it joined the Algal Biomass Organization, a trade association for the U.S. algae industry. The organization has more than 170 members, which include algae companies and organizations across the value chain such as Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), and FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) among others.

    The organization works on behalf of the algae industry in the U.S. to inform policymakers of the potential of algae-based fuels as long-term, viable source of renewable source of renewable fuels.

    HDS said earlier this week that it expects to remain an active member of the organization. The company is looking to leverage the organization’s leadership, membership, benefits and member affiliations to promote its business interests.

    Earlier this month, HDS announced the addition of new technologies to its intellectual property portfolio relating to carbon sequestration and algae-to-energy systems.

    The technologies have been acquired from Hillwinds Energy Development Corp. and relate to the reutilization of carbon dioxide from emissions using certain genetically modified algae as an active agent in a biological reactor to lower carbon dioxide emissions during combustion by converting them into methane.

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