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    Active Pink Sheet in the News; Crowne Ventures shuts-down Takeover Rumors

    Active Pink Sheet in the News; Crowne Ventures shuts-down Takeover Rumors

    Crowne Ventures Inc. (PINK: CRWV) is getting its share of market attention this week, driving a flurry of trading activity. The company yesterday dispelled rumors of a $4 per share buyout offer from Yumana Gold Inc. The company said that a press release about the takeover appeared without its knowledge or approval.

    Crowne Ventures discovered the posting on an Internet chat-board specializing in investors of publicly traded companies, and quickly clarified that any and all news relating to it will only be distributed through regular news wire services and never through chat-board or similar posting services.

    The company also put emphasis on transparency, saying that its intention is always to keep stockholders and the investor public up-to-date with any and all news and developments relating to it.

    Dane Peterson, CEO of Crowne Ventures, said that any and all news and information issued by the company can be found on otcmarkets.com regular news wire services. Peterson further said that the company will endeavor to find out the source of this inaccurate news release and seek a remedy for the actions of whoever is responsible.

    The rumors boosted Crowne Ventures shares, which are up more than 50% in the last three trading sessions. In today’s trading, the stock is up 2.74% to $0.127, with volume up from daily average of 8.40 million to 27.22 million.

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