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    Raptor Technology Surges as it joins Rare Earth Minerals Rush

    Raptor Technology (OTC BB: RAPT) surged 114% yesterday after the company reported a long -erm contract with Washoe Custom Processing LLC to leverage its mineral recovery method and capture rare earth minerals and precious metals from the Washoe mine tailings. In addition, the company reported that it has already processed more than 20 tons of ore from the Washoe site, recovering an estimated dollar value of $25,000 per ton. By the end of the day more than 15 million shares changed hands and the price hit $0.60; the average daily volume of RAPT is just 52,000 shares.

    RAPT is a technology supplier that provides eco-friendly and green solutions to global issues. The company is committed to developing reliable fuel and energy alternatives by making them both dependable and economically appealing to the manufacturer as well as the consumer. Additionally, the company developed a technology to recover rare earth minerals from endless miles of mine tailings. This technology provides an eco-friendly means of recycling these mine tailings both economically and profitably.

    RAPT’s current business emerged after the reverse merger with Raptor Fabrication and Equipment Inc. last January and subsequent listing under the ticker symbol RAPT. The merger is likely to be completed by the end of Q1 2011 and, accordingly, RAPT will focus on three core independent activities: biofuel technology, waste to power systems and mineral recovery processes.

    The recently signed agreement with Washoe allows RAPT to process more than 2,000 tons of ore per year. The company has already received more than100 tons of mine tailings from Washoe into its Florida facility and processed approximately 20 tons. The preliminary data indicates that the company’s technology will allow for a low cost mineral recovery and 95% recycling of chemicals used in extraction. RAPT expects to capture 60%-70% of the precious metals and rare earth oxides that are in the hard rock ore deposits.

    The company has newly reported that it succeeded to recover rare earth minerals as well as high value and precious metals valued at $25,000 per ton of Washoe ore. This achievement positions RAPT to earn annual gross proceeds ranging around $50 million, assuming the processing of 2,000 tons of ore per year. The company is currently building an additional plant in Groveland with the goal of completing a modern facility to process in excess of 10,000 tons of ore per year.

    The Washoe sites contain surface ore deposits equivalent to more than 12 million cubic yards of mineable materials, representing over 25 million tons of potentially mined ore, providing the company with a continuous, long-term supply of raw materials. More important, the agreement with Washoe allows the company to customize and tweak its technology, as well as to prove its economic viability and organize the domestic supply of highly demanded rare earth minerals.

    The growing demand for rare earth minerals (REMs), as well as an unstable supply has made REMs prices to increase significantly over the last years. REMs have significant importance to new technologies such as the iPhone and flat screen TVs, as well as to clean energy applications like electric car batteries, wind turbines and low energy bulbs. More than 97% of rare earth metals are currently mined in China and the country’s government is trying to ensure that all raw REMs are processed within its borders and force major manufacturers of LCDs, mobile phones, computers, electric motors, etc. to relocate production in China.

    During the past years, the Chinese government has reduced by 40% the amount of rare earths available for export. Even more, China has recently claimed once again its supremacy in the market by trimming the export quotas of REMs by 11.4% in the first round of permits for 2011 to 14,446 metric tons. The country cleared 16,304 and 7,976 tons of REMs for export in the two permit rounds in 2010. Accordingly, there are threatening opinions that China could halt REMs exports already in 2012.

    However, even if China continues exporting at current rates, demand for REMs is rapidly outpacing supply and many are predicting approximately 40,000 tons annual shortfall by 2015. Accordingly, the development of domestic production of rare earth metals could make RAPT an important beneficiary of the REMs squeeze and position it for further appreciation.

    Besides, RAPT has announced that it has started up its newest biodiesel plant for its customer, Greenwave Biodiesel of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The facility successfully produced its first batch of ASTM certified biodiesel and could commence the commercial production of biodiesel fuel. The Greenwave facility leverages the company’s mid-sized, multi-feedstock production system and is capable of producing 3.6 million gallons of biodiesel per year. System production can be remotely monitored by RAPT to insure maximum efficiency and up-time.

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