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    Public Media Works Inc.’s (OTC BB: PUBM) stock price has been highly volatile with increased liquidity over the last months. The company’s agreement with Modular Conversions LLC to place 7,000 DVD movie and game kiosks in gas station convenience stores across the U.S. and the subsequent placement agreement with the Asian American Convenience Store Association for the rollout of 500 DVD movie and game kiosks has caused PUBM stock to double since August, hitting an all-time high at $3.90 on October 4. However, since then the company’s stock declined, settling at $2.45 on October 22 on doubts about the ability of involved companies to fully complete the placement agreements.

    The company, through its wholly owned subsidiary EntertainmentXpress Inc. is engaged in the business of offering self-service kiosks that deliver DVD movies and other content to consumers. PUBM’s kiosks have the ability to condense a brick and mortar traditional video store into a 9-square foot space capable of holding and dispensing a full array of DVDs and games. The kiosks could provide consumers the ability to rent and purchase DVD movies, video games and other products. The company plans to locate the kiosks in quick-serve food locations, grocery stores and other high-traffic public venues.

    The company’s business plan also includes an out-of-home advertising model with onboard 3D screens in kiosks that provide its retail partners an opportunity to share in ad revenue as well as in DVD rental and sales revenue. Each kiosk contains an integrated 3D LCD display monitor provided by 3D Mediacast Inc. and could allow a viewer to experience 3D without the need to wear 3D glasses. The collaboration agreement between PUBM and 3D Mediacast provides that the 3D LCD technology will be exclusive to PUBM as it relates to kiosks.

    The company’s kiosk platform was also pre-built to anticipate future applications. Each kiosk would be SMS messaging capable and serve as a media filling station to digital storage devices, which include flash drives, SD cards, MP3 players, memory sticks and more.

    To date, the company announced agreements with Modular Conversions to place 7000 kiosks in gas station convenience stores and the Asian American Convenience Store Association to place 500 kiosks in convenience stores and other high-traffic locations over the next three years.

    In addition, PUBM has also announced discussions with several national retail outlets for exclusive kiosks placement.

    Modular Conversions launched a multi-billion dollar project to convert bays to convenience stores for owners of major oil company brand filling stations across the U.S. And as part of this project, Modular Conversions announced plans to allocate up to $154 million to fully finance the 7,000 kiosks placed and operated by PUBM.

    Subsequent to the collaborative agreement with Modular Conventions, PUBM announced in September that it would place the first kiosk at ConocoPhillips 76 filling station in Los Angeles, Calif. The station was recently converted by Modular Conversions to include a convenience store and PUBM is planning to place the first of 7000 planned kiosks at this location. The scheduled future placements of kiosks, as well as imminent revenue streams from the sale of DVD and video games could make the company’s stock price appreciate significantly.

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