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    Lightwave Logic Inc. (OTCBB: LWLG) stock price increased 16% to $1.45 on October 15 on the announcement of allowance of the company’s first-ever patent.  The U.S. Patent Office granted allowance to Lightwave Logic’s Patent 11/666,399 titled: Tricyclic Spacer Systems for Non Linear Optical Devices. As a result, the company can move further with several other patents and commence the negotiations to commercialize its electro-optical materials platform.

    Lightwave Logic is a developmental stage company that develops Application Specific Electro-Optic Polymers (ASEOP), which has high electro-optic activity and is thermally and photo-chemically stable.  The company expects its electro-optic plastics to broadly replace more expensive, lower-performance materials that are currently used in fiber-optic ground, wireless and satellite communication networks.

    In order to transmit digital information at extremely high-speeds over the Internet, it is necessary to convert the electrical signals produced by a computer into optical signals for transmission over long-distance fiber-optic cable.  The actual conversion of electricity to an optical signal may be performed by a molecularly-engineered material known as an electro-optic plastic, which is the core active component in many advanced current-and-projected broadband telecommunication networks, high-speed computer systems and sophisticated military hardware. These high-end technology areas represent multi-billion dollar markets. The action of Moore’s Law (a principle which states the number of transistors on a silicon chip doubles approximately every 18 months) create markets for Lightwave Logic’s electro-optic material.

    The company’s optical material Perkinamine NRTM is a sophisticated kind of dye that imparts light sensitivity to the resulting polymer material. Technically the finished material is a plastic, but more aptly an electro optical polymer crafted in such a way as to give it the unique ability to control the movement of digital information over fiber optic cable.  In addition, electro-optic plastics promise performance many times faster than any technology currently available and that have unprecedented thermal stability.

    High-performance electro-optic materials produced by the company have demonstrated stability as high as 350 degrees Celsius.  Stability above 300 degrees Celsius is necessary for vertical integration into many semi-conductor production lines. Recent results, independently confirmed by the University of Arizona, have demonstrated that the molecular performance of some of Lightwave Logic’s molecular designs perform 650% better than competitive electro-optic compounds.

    An advanced fiber network deployed with the company’s polymer modulators could run at speeds greater than 100 Gigabytes/sec, or 10 times faster than today’s networks without problems of error correction due to wave matching. The total market for light modulators is estimated to be in excess of $1 billion per year. However, as polymer based devices gain acceptance, they will penetrate further and further into the network architecture, expanding the target market for Lightwave Logic.

    The company has announced in June its first ever commercial development contract with Celestech, a technology development firm involving an optical computing application. Though the initial revenues from this project will come from assisting with the engineering design, next year more substantial revenue could likely come from supplying the material and ultimately royalties on sales. Lightwave Logic has also announced that they are in discussions with several other large technology concerns to develop other applications for the material. A few of these programs have been on-going for several months and could result in additional collaborative agreements favorable to the company.

    The recent patent allowance as well as the pending allowance of several other patents open the way for the company to start building commercial applications for its electro-optic material and generate revenues. Lightwave Logic’s technology and intellectual property portfolio looks too important to remain overlooked by larger players and could be acquired at some point in the future. As a result, at a market capitalization of $60 million, Lightwave Logic looks inexpensive compared to the size of market that it addresses.

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