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    Viking Systems (VKNG) Soars 61% on Scheduled Product Launch

    Viking Systems Inc. (OTC BB: VKNG) stock increased 61% on September 8, after the Company announced that it has received clearance from Food and Drug Administration to start commercialization of its Next Generation 3DHD visualization system. The system is scheduled for market launch in Washington D.C. at 2010’s American College of Surgeons’ Annual Clinical Congress which was planned to be held from October 3-7.

    VKNG is a leader in advanced 3D visualization solutions for minimally invasive surgeries and represents a pure way to play the ascending trend in high definition visualization for minimally invasive surgery. Currently, the vast majority of placements in the surgical video systems market, which is estimated at $2 billion, are represented by 2D high definition cameras. It is now widely accepted that 3DHD is the next advancement in endoscopic surgical vision.

    Despite obvious advantages of minimally invasive surgery, laparoscopy lacks of natural stereoscopic depth perception and spatial orientation. Therefore, these 2 parameters appear to represent mayor downsides of minimal-invasive surgery. Still, the importance and overall negative effect of this lack of natural stereoscopic depth perception and spatial orientation has not been clearly demonstrated. The aim of this study was to evaluate if three-dimensional (3D) visualization improves surgical skills and task performance when compared to two-dimensional (2D) vision.

    VKNG has scheduled its Next Generation 3DHD visualization system for market launch in Q4 2010. The positive trends concerning the expansion of robotic surgery and minimal invasive techniques could support a rapid adoption of VKNG visualization format. Moreover, the number of minimal invasive surgery procedures performed is growing as technology enables more procedures to convert from open; and the high quality vision is essential to this conversion.

    The company has estimated that the average sales price for its 3DHD visualization system would range between $80,000-$90,000 per unit, which would be nearly two times bigger than the price for a high definition camera system. However the improvements in technology combined with the increasing penetration of 3D in the consumer market, would contribute to a rapid adoption of the company’s system among the surgeons. VKNG’s management has estimated that only a 5% penetration of worldwide vision system unit placements, or approximately the sale of 1,400 systems per year, could result in annual revenue for its 3D technology in excess of $100 million.

    VKNG reported a 23% increase in sales to $2.o million for the quarter ended June 30, 2010, and a net loss of $0.5 million or ($0.01) per share. The company has experienced increased demand from OEM customers for its 2DHD cameras. The sales of its Viking branded products, including the new 3DHD Visualization System, planned to emerge in Q4 2010 are offering the company a solid platform to capitalize on its leading position in the field of 3D high definition visualization solution.

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